Teeth whitening

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Victoria Clinic offers the teeth whitening teeth. The tooth whitening treatment is completely safe (absolutely neutral for teeth), which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies and lasts up to 50 minutes. Teeth after whitening do not become “more absorbent” to discoloration. The durability of the procedure depends largely on the patient’s expectations and lifestyle.

Teeth whitening is carried out in a dental office. The components of the whitening gel penetrate deep into the teeth where they release oxygen atoms causing oxidation – whitening of discolorations. At the first visit, the dentist examines the condition of the teeth and gums. If necessary, it temporarily protects cavities, because fillings, crowns and bridges do not bleach. Limescale and sediment are removed. Impressions are needed to make individual tooth pads.

Whiter, brighter teeth can make a big improvement in your appearance and your self-confidence. At Victoria Clinic Dental in Manchester, our expert cosmetic dentists provide patients with complete whitening treatments using the advanced Zoom whitening system for immediate results that are superior to over-the-counter products. Teeth can turn dark for many reasons, including years of stain accumulation from specific foods and beverages as well as cigarette and cigar smoke and chewing tobacco. Some medications can cause teeth to turn dark, as can some diseases. Teeth can turn dark on the outside or they can become discolored inside as a result of trauma or disease. Whitening treatments are ineffective for discoloration that occurs inside the teeth. Before your whitening treatment, your teeth will be examined to help determine the cause of discoloration to ensure whitening is the best option.

How does Zoom Whitening work?
Zoom uses a specially-formulated hydrogen peroxide-based gel developed specifically for professional tooth whitening in a dentist’s office. As a result it’s much more effective and provides more consistent and longer-lasting results than products you can buy in a store. During the Zoom whitening procedure, the gel will be applied to your teeth and an activating light will be used to help the gel achieve its optimal effects. A mouthpiece will be used to help hold your lips back from your teeth to ensure the entire tooth surface is exposed to the gel and the light. Once the treatment is finished – a process that takes about 15 minutes – the gel will be removed, revealing your whiter, brighter smile.

When will I see results?
Unlike many at-home products that take weeks before even mild improvements can be seen, with Zoom whitening, you’ll see the results of your treatment right away; in fact, Zoom can make your teeth six to 10 shades whiter. While excellent results can be achieved with a single treatment, most patients opt for a series of three treatments spaced a few weeks apart for the best results.


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