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What is a dental implant?
An implant is a specially made, usually made of titanium, artificial tooth root, replacing the removed or previously lost natural root. A dental implant enables the attachment of a new dental crown in place of a lost tooth. Dental dental implant is placed in the bone of the dental process by screwing in. The crown of an artificial tooth is fixed and matched in color and texture to other teeth to minimize the visibility of the defect. Dental implants can replace individual teeth as well as entire dental arches.

Preparations for surgery:
Interview and assessment of the patient’s condition.
The implant procedure can be performed in one phase – the implant and the crown during one visit or in two phases. The procedure is preceded by consultations with an implantologist, who assesses the general state of health, possible addictions, past and current diseases. Medication taken is also taken into account. Pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, smoking, and periodontitis preclude surgery.

ATTENTION – Detailed research.  All oral and dental diseases, including dental caries, tartar must be cured. Soft tissue should have the right color and thickness, and the jaw bones should have the right amount and quality. Radiological diagnostics – pantomographic and tomographic images will facilitate finding and assessing this.

Presentation of treatment options, selection and scheduling.
Usually, the procedure consists of two stages – surgery and prosthetic surgery. During the procedure, the implant with prosthetic connector is implanted in the jaw bone. It takes about an hour using local anesthesia. After the procedure followed by osseointegration or the fusion of living bone tissue with titanium. It lasts from 3 to 6 months. During the prosthetic stage, a crown is made, which with its shape and color will resemble natural teeth. It lasts on average from 1 to 3 weeks. However, some specialized implant surgeries allow implant placement and crown placement even during one visit.

How much does a dental implant cost and how much does a full implantological procedure cost?

The prices in the surgeries are very diverse and depend on many variables. In practice, every specialist prefers different implant systems


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