ORTHODONTICS – get to know the services at Victoria Clinic

Why should you opt for orthodontic treatment?
Straight teeth and a beautiful smile can improve self-esteem and self-confidence at any age, while also improving oral health. On the other hand, untreated malocclusions can contribute to speech problems, bacterial accumulation and the patient’s malaise. Therefore, orthodontic treatment is not only care for a beautiful appearance, but also for oral health.

Orthodontic treatment can be started at any age. It is worth checking in at the age of 5-6 for the first check-up in an orthodontic office. A specialist doctor can already assess whether it is possible to develop the occlusion and plan treatment. There is no upper age limit.
Before the procedure, apply all teeth, inflammation of the mucosa and remove tartar.

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment:
– preparing a place for erupting, crowded permanent teeth,
-reducing the risk of injury in the case of inclined front teeth,
-reducing the risk of permanent teeth removal or other surgical procedures,
– eliminates incorrect habits,
– reduces the duration of treatment with a fixed device,
– allows the use of simple cameras,
– restoring facial symmetry by affecting the direction of jaw growth.

In our Clinic, In our Clinic, we care for beautiful and healthy teeth, but also for aesthetics during orthodontic treatment. Thanks to modern treatment methods, we can provide our patients not only with traditional but also almost invisible orthodontic appliances – porcelain, ceramic, linguistic and overlay. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of aesthetic, orthodontic appliances , which significantly reduces the duration of treatment.

Specialist orthodontic consultation includes:

– orthodontic visit – consultation,
– taking impressions and making plaster models,
– conducting a short circuit analysis and articulation,
– aiming for intraoral and extraoral photos,
– establishing a treatment plan,
– putting on an orthodontic appliance,
– regular follow-up visits – a photo of the camera,.

Transparent or metal braces?

Transparent braces
A transparent orthodontic appliance is an almost perfect choice for people who care most about smile aesthetics during treatment, because the special silicone covers adapt to the color of the tooth, so you forget that something is on them. What’s more – when you decide to straighten your teeth with the overlay method, you can be sure that hardly anyone will notice that you are under the care of an orthodontist. A transparent toothbrush is therefore the best solution for people for whom an unsightly smile is the reason for complexes. Aligners are almost invisible, do not undergo discoloration and can be forgotten during everyday wear, they are really comfortable. Transparent tooth covers move them gradually, in effect striving for a new and satisfactory smile. They can be used to treat people with different degrees of tooth curvature – even those seemingly complicated. The transparent orthodontic appliance can be removed, which allows you to perform everyday activities – from brushing and flossing of teeth or while eating dishes.

Fixed metal camera.
A metal orthodontic appliance is definitely a cheaper and more popular solution than a transparent tooth braces. The price of orthodontic treatment depends on the types of brackets, rings, colored rubber bands, the severity of the malocclusion, the number of necessary follow-up visits, etc. Locks can be metal (nickel or titanium antiallergic). Self-ligating and aesthetic braces are more expensive, but it is still a lower price than in the case of aligners. If you do not want to have a “metal smile”, then it is worth considering the option of putting on transparent overlays on your teeth. In no way can you hide metal wire or metal locks – even if they are small and flat. In addition, you need some time to get used to wearing metal in your mouth – even though it’s the highest quality material. In the cheapest solution, the locks are glued with a special glue and connected with ligatures. They require special oral hygiene, using appropriate brushes and dental floss that will thoroughly clean your teeth.


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