ROOT CANAL TREATMENT – get to know the services at Victoria Clinic

Root canal treatment or endodontics is a department of dentistry that deals with the treatment of tooth canals. Thanks to the use of microscopes in our Clinic and extensive experience in the treatment of tooth canals, we are able to save teeth previously sentenced to removal or increase the durability and quality of the surgery. Root canal treatment is a time-consuming procedure that requires above-average operator skills as well as modern and expensive equipment.Currently, many teeth that have been doomed to removal not so long ago can be treated and saved.

Preparations for treatment:
A very important part is the accurate measurement of the channel length possible thanks to the use of an endometer (electronic channel length measurement) and radiovisiography (computer x-ray image). Our devices allow us to thoroughly clean the root canals of bacteria. Immediately before filling the canals, we use ozone, which is bactericidal. A very important element in root canal treatment is their filling. We use the well-proven Beefill Pack system.

 In our Clinic, root canal treatment (endodontics) is carried out by doctors after numerous specialist courses.

Materials Used for treatment.
The best material used to fill the canals is gutta-percha. It is introduced into the sewer with a sealant to a predetermined depth, and then stuffed after preheating and plasticizing, so that the material fills the tightly developed duct without leaving any air bubbles. Liquid gutta-percha allows for permanent and tight filling of the root canal system.



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