BLOOD TESTS – get to know the services at Victoria Clinic

Blood test results – meaning

Preventive blood tests should be done once a year – in most cases, this gives you the opportunity to detect disturbing body processes early. You can ask a doctor for their order, but now you can and even need to take care of your own health. Paid tests can be performed in private laboratories all over Poland – there is no need for a referral or prior appointment and queuing. Examinations are not expensive, cumbersome or time consuming – all you have to do is come (at most fasting examinations) to the Collection Point. If it is possible to avoid or detect a developing disease early, the money spent is paid back many times.

Blood Tests

Some of the tests we perform: Blood count (results within 1 minute), Biochemistry
-Thyroid tests – Liver function test-Lipid profile-Urea and electrocytes
-Cardiovalscular risk rofile- Anemia profile
– Erectile / impotance profile
  -Menopause profile
-Polycystic ovary syndrome profile
– Sexual health screening
-Tropical immunology, Pre-travel screening
-Tumour markers
-Genetics-Screening for Drugs and Alcohol-Allergy screening

Important – how to prepare for blood collection at Victoria Clinic

We should come on an empty stomach for blood donation. This ensures a sufficiently long fasting time necessary to obtain correct results. If it is not enough, they may change: protein, bilirubin, AST, ALAT, ALP and LDH, lipid parameters, glucose, creatinine, urea, sodium, and even leukocyte counts. On the day of the test we should also refrain from drinking coffee, even black, no additions. It affects hormonal balance, glucose and bile acid levels. It can also falsify bilirubin and lower cholesterol. In addition, coffee flushes out magnesium, thus affecting its serum concentration. Instead of coffee, it is good to drink some clean water in the morning. Another substance that should not be consumed a few days before the test is alcohol.


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